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"The future is spinning before your eyes"

Website Design Checklist

Our website design checklist helps you to decide what you want from your Internet Website, and helps us decide how best we can meet your needs. It is the first step in getting together the information that you will need.

It asks about the purpose of your website, and about your intended audience. It rehearses some of the options, seeks your initial thoughts on what you might like, and asks you to provide some supporting material like letterheads, logos, advertising styles and so on.

As you answer the questions in the checklist, a picture of your needs begins to build.

Your answers, together with the supporting information, allow us to assess your needs, and make some preliminary judgments about your preferences and the probable cost.

You may also find that just by answering the questions, you stimulate some new ideas amongst colleagues. Most clients find the process helps to crystallise their thoughts.

At this stage, nothing is fixed.

When you return the completed Design Checklist to us, we put some thoughts together, to develop a Project Agreement This sets out the service we are offering to you,  a fixed cost, and the timescale. Then we send these details to you as a proposal, so you have all the facts you need to decide whether to proceed and have us design and build your website.

We recognise that design is a very personal thing, and for you to be delighted with the finished product, it is important that we are all clear about what is needed, how your needs are to be met, what the cost will be, and how long it will take.

We do not set out to be the cheapest web design service available, but we are experienced, thorough and reliable. We focus on quality, and want you to be delighted with our work. We do not aim for catchpenny cheapness and short term profits that satisfy no-one.

We have a long term business horizon, and set great store by having delighted clients.

This, in turn, leads to future work and recommendations based on quality.  

You can get a copy of our Website Design Checklist either by mail or as a MS Word attachment to an e-mail.

Follow this link to our Request Form where you can ask for a copy to be sent to you.

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