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What Does It Cost ?
The cost depends on the package of services you require. There could be several parts to the cost, sometimes provided by different people. Consequently, there are several charges that can arise.

To help you to make informed judgements about value for money, we produce a Project Agreement for you to consider.

This sets out a very clear specification of what we will undertake for the price we give, and you will find that unlike some companies, our price is fully inclusive.

To avoid having to pay the "extras" charged by some companies, you need to be sure that you are getting a full service when apparently bargain prices are given. Some companies attract businesss by quoting very low charges for services and only after you sign up do you find that you are asked to meet additional costs.

As with most things, you get what you pay for, and free lunches are hard to find.

We appreciate that you want some broad guideline costs even before you get a quotation for your particular project, so we have set out a rough idea of the sort of costs likely to be involved.

Please remember our policy of providing inclusive prices, so where we give a web design cost per "typical" page, it includes a very personal, bespoke service, and all the work involved, such as creating your page heading banner from your logo or other image. It also includes scanning the photographs for you, and image enhancement on all scanned items to give an image quality far better than just a scan. The price also includes putting the links in, uploading testing, basic training for you and so on. We have also set out what we mean when we say a "typical" page.

Apart from the cost of the time that you spend, the main Website elements that may have a cost are:

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The charge from your Internet Service Provider
The cost of website design and construction
Computer equipment (if you need it)
Costs for on-line credit card sales
Your optional Domain Name
An optional Local Domain
Does it seem expensive
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