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International Design
Our services are international in two ways. Firstly, some larger businesses like to register their websites in non-UK countries as a gesture of respect to the nationals of that country - so for example, as well as having a site, you might also have a (registered in Italy) or (registered in France).

Secondly, if you plan an international business on the web, you may well want to have foreign language versions of your website available. Most to the web is English speaking at present, but this may change as users in other countries come on board.

The truly great thing about the Internet is that it provides global access to and by individuals, so cross-continent design really can work -- with the clients help.

You can have a multi-page website designed in England, with some of your pages hosted on servers in Australia, and other pages hosted in California, if you want, all accessed through an ISP who is only a local phone call away from you.

The result is seamless and transparent to the user.

Using the Internet to contact someone in Singapore is as fast and as easy as contacting someone in Swindon, and there is no difference in cost.

When you contact someone in the next town via the Internet, it is possible that your call is already routed through another continent - without your realising it.

The web is truly a global medium that we use to communicate.

If you decide to have a Website, one of the first stages in the process will be to get you fixed up with an ISP, your own Webspace, and email capability.

With email, we can correspond faster than surface or airmail. We can discuss your needs almost in real-time on screen.

Draft sites can be built on temporary, non public server space for viewing, approval and proofing.

The only times we need to resort to snail mail are if you have photographs or logos that you can't get scanned and sent to us as an email attachment, or for paperwork that needs a signature (and even that will change soon).

The limitations to intercontinental design are mainly those of language (we design primarily English language using sites, although we can arrange foreign translation versions/additions if required).

We do however, rely on the expertise of clients to point out any local customs or cultural particularities of which we may not be aware.

The important thing for the client, is not where the designer is located, but whether the quality, skill, flair, expertise and values match the clients needs at a realistic cost.

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