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Local Domain Names Service
Domain names are allocated on a Worldwide, first-come, first-served basis. With over 100,000 being registered every month, it's easy to see how all the good names have already gone. 

If the one you want has not yet been taken, we can register it on your behalf, either as part of a web design project for you, or as a separate domain registration service.

However, the chances are that the one you would like is no longer available, and to help our clients in this regard, we have reserved a range of Local Domain Names for their use.
You can choose from:
or choose from:

The service we offer would give you a web address of and an email address of (or whichever local name you choose).

If you commission us to undertake a website design for you, one of the local domain names can be yours to use without additional cost.

Alternatively, if you would like put your personal or business name in front of one of the local domains and use it direct people to your existing website, and have email sent to your existing email address, we will set this up for you for just 20.00 per year. This service is called web and email forwarding.

How does it work?
Web and email forwarding to an existing website works like this:

  • You don't buy the Local Domain name, rather you hire the use of it for as long as you want
  • To set it up, you tell us the name you want to use in front of the Local Domain. (any combination of letters or numbers and, if you want, the under_score character or the hyphen-character, but no spaces, symbols or capital letters)
  • Then you tell us the address (URL) of your existing website, and the email address you want your email forwarded to.
  • We then put a re-direct and cloaking system into place on the Local Domain name, so that when someone types your Local Domain name into their browser, it automatically directs them to your website, but their browser does not display your "real" website address, just your Local Domain name. Email works just the same, we set it up so that an email sent to your Local Domain comes straight to your usual email address.
  • If you want, we can even show you how to set your email up so it appears to have been sent from your Local Domain name, and that appears as the reply-to address in all the emails you send.

Why Have a Local Domain Name?
There are several benefits:

  1. It might be the only way you can use your existing business name if all the other domain names endings have already been taken.
  2. You can use it in conjunction with any webspace, even free webspace, and have a more credible web and email address.
  3. You may want the freedom to move from ISP to ISP, taking advantage of the lowest cost offers available. But if you don't have your own domain, it is a real pain having to tell all your customers and friends each time you move your address . 

    Some of them may forget to update their address books, and you lose contact. Even worse, you have to stand the cost of new stationery reprinted with your new details each time. 

    Not with a Local Domain. You just email us with your new web and email address, and we change the re-direction service to it. No one else need ever be bothered.
  4. It's not only  for businesses. For less than 50p per week, anyone can have your own personalised email and website address using the Local Domain service.

If you think you would like a Local Domain, but are still unsure and want to see it in action, email us at and ask about having a free trial period for a few days first. We are always happy to talk with you, and show you that old-fashioned, personal service on which our reputation is based.

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