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"The future is spinning before your eyes"

A Typical Page
Different Website design companies offer varying degrees of service, so comparisons are not always easy.

We offer a quality, made-to-measure, rather than a budget "off-the-peg" service, and one that passes what we call the "Oh Yes!" test. You will experience it when you ask the question "Does the price you gave me include ....."

Furthermore, the time needed for the work (and therefore the cost) depends a great deal on what you are having on your site. Original graphic artwork, or original video footage or music score will be more costly than a primarily text site.

For these reasons, we prefer to price specifically for your needs, but you need at least a very general idea of what is included in a "typical" page, and what that would cost.

By "typical" we mean any combination of or, if appropriate, all of the following:

  1. All the advice and help you need to design and set up your website initially, including help to choose an ISP or webhost that meets your needs, together with an aftercare service second to none. We make it a worry-free experience for you.
  2. We provide an original header graphic based on your scanned logo or trademark and modified to suit, or we will design one from scratch if you don't yet have one.
  3. Up to two additional custom scanned or stock images as appropriate per page.
  4. Headers, rules, bullet points and decorative features as appropriate according to design, and made specifically for your site.
  5. Buttons and image bars as appropriate made specifically for your site..
  6. Text that you provide on floppy disc. We can handle most formats.
  7. Providing a background colour or colours or creating an original background graphic made specifically for your site if necessary.
  8. Sizing and enhancement of all graphics and photographs to suit the design.
  9. Tables to position features or tabulated data with up to 40 cells in total.
  10. Links to other sites or pages as appropriate.
  11. Content links and page navigation graphics on long pages.
  12. A text based navigation map at the foot of multipage sites.
  13. An image map or system of image maps as appropriate on very large sites.
  14. Email address and contact data supplied by you incorporated on each page if appropriate.
  15. Use of a Local Domain name at no extra cost if you choose to host in free webspace.
  16. Testing of all links, both off and online.
  17. Uploading to your Webspace.
  18. Registering with all the main search engines.
  19. Up to 4 hours "get you going" training if you need it to setup and learn how to use email and how to surf the web and use search engines.
  20. Provide template pages for you to update information on your own website if you want to do it yourself.
  21. A security copy of your website on CD or floppy disk.
  22. Code that you can give to others so they can link to your site from theirs.
  23. Links from our websites to your own.
  24. Prominent listing in - the Fylde's own portal website.
  25. Minor alterations to the pages for three months after completion of the work.
  26. Your being delighted with the result.

That's what we call an inclusive service.

The sort of costs involved in designing and building a typical site as set out above are:

1 page site210 additional pages170
6 page site1,020 additional pages155
12 page site1,900 additional pages135
20 page site2,900 additional pages125
40 page site5,300additional pages100
200 page site15,000 additional pages100

If you ask for our Website Design Checklist, we begin the process that leads to a fully costed Project Agreement -- tailored specifically to your needs -- being sent for you to consider without any obligation.

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