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Tracing Your Ancestors
This service is for those who want a single minded tracing of the family line backward through time.

It focuses effort on finding the (usually) male line parentage, not searching for relatives or details of how the families lived (For broader searches, see our Family Research service). It is therefore a cost effective way of searching for the skeleton of the family tree which then allows you to follow up the dates, events, places and references and flesh out the details yourself.

In essence it aims to provide a pedigree starting with yourself or the person of your choice and works backward in time through father to grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great-grandfather and so on, as far back as you want to go, or until the records dry up.

We would normally expect to present this information as a bound report, with a one page summary of the lineage, accompanied by the documentary proof we have purchased during the research (certificates and copy records etc), and our informed commentary on any particularly strong, weak or unusual points we have discovered on your behalf.

If you want the research undertaken as a present for someone else, or if you already have details of your ancestral line, you might like to consider the possibilities of publishing it on a website, from where it can become the beginning of a modern and periodically updated family biography. We feature this service especially as a Christening Pedigree or as a Living Memorial, but the concept applies equally to birthday and anniversary presents. We would be happy to provide separate costs for publishing your ancestral information on the web.

Every case is different, so it is difficult give a general estimate of the cost in advance because it is based on the time the research takes, and the time required is determined by the individual circumstances and complexity of each case.

Once we have some brief details and the name you want us to research, we will be happy to provide an estimate of the cost and the likely time involved. Typically, the cost might be in the region of 300.

It is usual for the research process to take several months, although it can sometimes be shorter, so if you want it concluded for a particular date we need to know, and will advise whether we think it is possible in the timescale you envisage.

We are also happy to spread the cost of the work over the time it takes, giving a monthly cost of somewhere in the order of perhaps 50 to 60 per month for say five or six months.

If you prefer, you can suggest a spending limit, and we will advise what we think can be achieved for that sum.

Making a Start
Making a start is quite simple. Just get together the information that is already available within your family, like names, maiden names, dates and places of birth, marriage and death, what if any professions or religious denominations have been involved, and send us an email or a letter. If there is some particular purpose or date that you want the research undertaken for, let us know that too.

We will send you a reply with an estimate of the time it will take, the likely extent of what can be achieved with reasonable cost, and a cost that we will work to.

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