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"The past - Your present for the future"

Having successfully traced our own ancestral line from the present day to the mid 1600s, we have learned our way around the archival records in London, Lancashire and Yorkshire, and gained many years experience in the process.

We are now able to offer this experience to others.

Tracing your ancestry provides an often fascinating insight into who you are. By knowing the stock and the places that your family comes from, you can achieve a greater understanding of self.

The Benefits of Using a Researcher
Researching archives is a specialised and time consuming process. It is a skill that can be acquired over time, but these days, most people don't have the time to learn where and how to look. Nor do they have experience of how to acquire and interpret the information stored in the various record repositories scattered across the country.

We have therefore established a range of research services that can help to-day's family discover its roots.

Whilst we can undertake research wherever necessary, we specialise in the areas we know best - that is, in families who have roots or connections with Lancashire and Yorkshire areas of northern England. Modern descendants of such families might commission us from the US, Canada, Australia or at home in the UK, but there is usually a family connection with northern England.

Our experience and expertise in these areas means that we can trace your ancestors with the greatest chance of success, and in the least time. We pride ourselves on being thorough and meticulous in our attention to detail.

What Can be Searched ?
To undertake the research, we would normally expect to consult a range of sources, including the civil registration authority for births marriages and deaths to about 1837, census returns to 1841, poll books and directories, parish registers, Non conformist registers as appropriate, monumental inscriptions, wills and probates, army and navy records, muster rolls, poor law records, Hearth Tax and Window Tax records, and early quasi legal records such as Manorial Court Rolls.

How Far Back?
In England and Wales, most families can be traced to around 1837 via the civil registration process. Where parish church registers survive, they can go back to the 1700s and, depending on the availability of records, to the start of parish registers in the 1500s. Beyond that, progress is usually quite slow and difficult.

When undertaking research we would usually expect to go back several generations from our starting point although progress depends on a number of factors such as whether parish and other records have actually survived, and the degree to which the surname being traced is unusual or distinctive.

Can We Guarantee to Find Something ?
The answer to this has to be no. However diligently a genealogist works there can be no guarantees that they will be able to find a whole or complete set of records on your behalf. We can only find what exists.

What we do guarantee however, is that our experience means we will not waste the time you are paying for with ineffective searches and missed opportunities. Nor will we commit you to any expense other that the price we provide for the research you require to be undertaken. The purchase of documentation, our travelling and subsistence expenses and so on, are included in the price. Our fee is inclusive for providing the research services and the time and expertise we devote to your family ancestry.

The Services We Offer
More details of each of the services we offer lie behind each of the buttons at the top left of this page, but broadly they fall into three types. The first are the genealogical research services of Ancestor Tracing - tracing a single line backwards in time with little or no breadth of information, and Family Research, which is a broader approach, fleshing out the facts with descriptive details about the places and times in which your ancestors lived.

The second is a service that takes the information that has been found and publishes it on a website, perhaps as the beginning of an international family biography that other families with the same surname around the world can link to. These make novel and original christening gifts. See the Christening Pedigree for more information. In a similar vein, a living memorial can be created to a departed loved one. The Living Memorial service has more details.

Thirdly, in association with Image Photographics, we offer a range of services under the Picture the Past banner that can provide copies of your existing photographs, ancestral portraits form group photos, photographing and/or videoing of parts of North West England that are associated with your family, web publishing services and slides to video recording.

Finally, if you don't want or need our services at the present time, we are also building a list of links and resources to local and other genealogical websites for your convenience and personal research.

All in all, a complete range of genealogical services for families with a connection to Lancashire or Yorkshire.

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