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Living Memorials
When someone you love has died, you are left with fond memories of them, and they never die in your thoughts, but in a surprisingly short time, those thoughts and memories disappear.

You can probably remember your grandparents, but who were their parents? Where did they come from? What did they do? Important family details often disappear in just two generations, leaving just the rather clinical record of dates of birth, marriage and so on.

Many of the personal trials and successes, the highs, the lows, and other family details and anecdotes vanish with the passing of just one generation. Certainly we diminish our ability to understand what our ancestors thought was important, and how they viewed the changes they experienced in their lifetime.

Now, because of the incredible publishing power of the web, that can all change.

One way that families can preserve memories of a loved one for posterity is to record their life in a website biography - a summary of the life and times of your nearest and dearest.

It could be as simple as a one page biography, a personal view and tribute to the person, or you could combine our research services in Lancashire and Yorkshire together with the web design, and photographic skills, to start a complete family biography, with details of your ancestors - an enduring memorial to your loved one, and the beginnings of a family diary that can be added to from time to time as important events occur in your family.

This can all be published as a website, and available to all your relatives throughout the world. You might even begin a family website that becomes the central focus for all families with the same name to link to. The global family has arrived.

Brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles can reach across the web, and other family members with their own website can link with you, keeping the family together, and up to date on important news, whilst separated by continents.

If you want to begin with a memorial website for someone who you knew well who has recently died, and you have information and photographs already, the only costs will be the design and building of the website and the rental of webspace.

You may already have webspace if you have internet access, and there are now several companies offering free webspace, so there need nor be any cost for webspace rental.

Website design costs range from something in the order of 66 for a preformed standard web page with one photograph and one A4 sized page of text, to something around 210 for an individually designed page with original graphic artwork, links to other pages if appropriate, text navigation, uploading to your webspace, registering with search engines. and so on. Follow the link for more details of our business web design costs.

With family history research it is difficult give a general estimate of research costs in advance. Costs are based on the time the research takes, and the time required is determined by the individual circumstances and complexity of each case being researched.

Once we have some brief details and the name you want us to research, we will be happy to provide an estimate of the cost and the likely time involved. Typically, the cost might be in the region of 500.

It is usual for the research process to take several months, although it can sometimes be shorter, so if you want it concluded for a particular date we need to know, and will advise whether we think it is possible in the timescale you envisage.

We are also happy to spread the cost of the work over the time it takes, giving a monthly cost of somewhere in the order of perhaps 90 to 100 for five or six months.

If you prefer, you can suggest a spending limit, and we will advise what we think can be achieved for that sum.

Making a Start
Making a start is quite simple. If you want a memorial website making, either from your own family information or from our research work, just let us know whether you prefer a standard layout or an individually designed site, and we will be in touch.

If you want some research undertaken, just get together the information that is already available within your family, like names, maiden names, dates and places of birth, marriage and death, what if any professions or religious denominations have been involved, and send us an email or a letter. If there is some particular date that you want the research undertaken for, let us know that too.

We will send you a reply with the likely timescale, and the extent of what can be achieved with reasonable cost. You can then decide whether you wish to proceed.

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