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"The past - Your present for the future"

Christening Pedigrees
What better present for a christening than a professionally researched ancestral tree for the newborn child?

We can undertake this for families with roots in the Lancashire and Yorkshire areas of England, and the information can be presented as a framed pedigree showing the male ancestral line reaching up to the new-born child

Christening Website
There is now also a brand new opportunity to give a really original gift. Think about the possibilities of a Christening Website that could become the start of a published biography of the child and the history (and future!) of the family.

This gives other families with the same name throughout the world the opportunity to link together into a true global family.

You could start with a single page, say with details of the existing family and perhaps a photograph of the baby. As the child reaches milestones through the their life, like starting to walk, or starting school, or winning a prize, new paragraphs, pictures and whole pages can be added. These are instantly available to relatives spread all over the world.

The family could extend backwards and have their ancestry researched and included on the website.

Brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles can reach across the web to share your joy, and other family members with their own website can link together, keeping the family together, and up to date on important news, whilst separated by continents.

Costs for Research
The costs rather depend on the extent of the services you would like, and we are happy to provide an estimate if you provide us with some details.

For example, if you want the ancestry researched back to about the middle of the 1800s, the cost, including the framed pedigree will be in the region of 120.

Going further back in time takes longer, and another hundred years research to say 1750 might cost another 200 or so. Costs for research of records before about 1750 will be by mutual agreement, depending on the complexity of the search involved.

Costs for a Christening Website
There are two elements to consider: webspace rental and website design costs.

If you currently have an internet service provider, you may already have some unused webspace available. Alternatively, there are now many service providers that offer free access and webspace, so it is possible to avoid any webspace costs at all. It you prefer paid internet access and webspace, it is likely to cost in the region of 5 to 15 per month.

For website design costs, we offer two choices. The first is a pre-formed page, with background and text colour options where we will convert either the information we researched, or your existing information, into a standard web page layout with one photograph and text equivalent to one A4 typed page. This costs 66.00 per web page and includes scanning and enhancing the image, the design cost, and uploading the page to your webspace.

The second option is a website designed exclusively and personally for your needs. This provides original graphic artwork, links to other pages if appropriate, text navigation, uploading to your webspace, registering with search engines. Everything you need for an individually designed website of your own. The costs here our normal web design fees of 210 for a one page site, with subsequent pages at 170 each. Multipage sites have a lower per-page cost. Follow the link for more details of our business web design costs.

Making a Start
Making a start is quite simple. If you want some research undertaken, just get together the information that is already available within your family, like names, maiden names, dates and places of birth, marriage and death, what if any professions or religious denominations have been involved, and send us an email or a letter. If there is some particular date that you want the research undertaken for, let us know that too.

We will send you a reply with the likely timescale, and the extent of what can be achieved with reasonable cost. You can then decide whether you wish to proceed.

If you want a website making, either from your own family information or from our research work, just let us know whether you prefer the standard layout or an individually designed site, and we will be in touch.

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