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"The past - Your present for the future"

Picture the Past
In association with Image Photographics, we have the capability, (even if you have no negatives) to photographically copy your existing photographs, and produce negatives, prints, slides, or web-ready .gif .jpg and other electronic forms of picture storage for you.

AncestorAncestral Portraits
A particular specialism is photographing a small part of an existing photograph to produce say, a portrait of your ancestor from a group photograph.

On the Web
We can also digitise your existing photograph, slide, negative or video shot, and return them to you with a web ready .gif or .jpg file for inclusion on your own website.

Photovideoing in North West England
As well as the reproduction services, we also offer a photographic and video service that will produce photographs, negatives, slides, or digital format pictures and video taken to order in Lancashire Yorkshire and surrounding areas.

So, if you have an ancestor who lived in a town or village in northern England, or if you have an address or a street, or the name of a church, or even a farm that was connected with your ancestor, and you would like to have photographs or video of what it is like to-day, just let us know.

Ancestral Home

Cheque with order please. Email us with any enquiries you might have.

Photographic Copying
Photographs, slides or negatives photographically copied and returned as either a colour or black & white negative with accompanying photographic print, or as a slide (please state). Prices are for copies returned to you as one sort (eg as colour or black & white, or transparencies), not as mixed types.
Singles = 10.00 each.
5 to 10 = 5.00 each,
Eleven and over = 3.00 each.

Returned as digital image on floppy disc or CD, available as .gif .jpg .tiff, PhotoCD or most other formats (please state preference). Sets of up to 24 images copied = 30.00 per set.

Quantity discounts available, please send details and ask for a quote.

Ancestral Portrait
Using optical close-up photography, we can copy a small section of your group photograph and enlarge it to a postcard or slightly larger portrait of your ancestor. The quality of the finished photograph depends on the amount of enlargement and the quality of the original, and the finished size depends on the format available. The cost is 10.00 per portrait, with significant discounts for multiple prints of the same portrait.

Digitising Images for the Web
We can take your existing images, whether in photograph, negative or slide format, and convert them to basic .gif or .jpg image files which are suitable for web publishing. The web uses a much lower resolution than optical photography, and image reproduction to web level is quite inexpensive. We will digitise up to 10 images of any or mixed types for 5.00. (minimum). Additional images thereafter, 0.50p each.

Please note that this process uses digital, not optical copying, and whilst suitable for the web, it is not of sufficient quality for other forms of reproduction, and does not include any image enhancement. Individually hand prepared web images with computer enhancement are 26.00 each

We will gladly provide an estimate of the cost of producing photographs, slides or video of areas of Lancashire or Yorkshire taken to order if you send us some details about the place/subjects you would like recorded.

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