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Digital Imaging
The creation of innovative original artwork can be a time consuming process, but there is nothing to match a website with graphics conceived and individualised both to reflect the subject matter, and to harmonise with the ethos of the site. We will be happy to provide an estimate of the cost if you outline your requirements.

Using an original artwork background for your website or presentation will give a feeling of continuity and quality. Browse through the "Other Services" buttons on the left to see a range of backgrounds we have created. Each service has its own related but different background, to help guide and reassure visitors as they navigate the website. You can have a logo or watermark incorporated as well if you wish. Costs vary with complexity and time, but will be in the region of 50 per background.

Graphic Image Maps
An image map is a mouse sensitive zone that allows the user to click on part of a graphic that represents or is identified with the information they want to find. Creation of an image map is essential for navigating a large site, and will help your visitors to find what they want. Again, costs vary with complexity, but an original artwork map with up to 15 sensitive zones will cost about 110 to design and link into your website. We will also take your own graphic and prepare it as an imagemap with "hotspots" for use on your own website if you wish. This costs substantially less than an original artwork made by us. Please let us have sight of your proposed graphic and we will happily provide a quotation.

Animated Graphics and Logos
The "camera shutter eye" used as the logo for this section of our website is an example of an animated logo. It has 15 frames, each one slightly different and hand drawn, then assembled together to run as a moving image. If you want to see more examples, just follow the link to our animated images. Again, costs vary, but might typically be 150 per completed animation.

Scanning of Logos or Trade Marks
In addition to basic scanning, we offer re-sizing, optimisation and enhancement of images via software such as Photoshop. This gives a much superior finish over basic scanned images, and costs in the region of 26 per image.

Image creation
We can also design and craft original images such as icons, buttons and banners. Click here to see examples of some we have made. As with other artwork, costs vary with scale and complexity. Typically a 32x32 pixel icon or small button will be around 30, whilst a larger banner or original of up to 32k pixels will be around 50.

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