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"Advancing technology"

The Mission
Our aim is to provide small scale customisation of industry standard programmes such as the Microsoft range, to maximise the productivity of businesses and organisations.

You can buy programmes such as spreadsheets and databases. Given time, you can learn the controls and programming to personalise them to your own needs.

But there are occasions when users don't have the skills, and more experienced staff simply have not got time to spend writing and designing the framework that can be used for data input and manipulation.

As a result, the promise and potential of the software remains unfulfilled, equipment gathers dust, and friendly but expensive paper systems continue to be operated.

That's where we can help

We are happy to offer services in tailoring and personalising your software packages to your needs, or writing small scale bespoke programmes for a particular purpose.

Most of our work so far has been done in the Microsoft range of products, like Excel, and especially in Access, where we have set up database programmes for specific purposes.

As an example we have recently provided a local organisation with a programme to track and record its mail inward and customer reply process, showing the response performance of each workgroup and overall. At any time, a single keypress provides an up to date list of mail replied to, mail outstanding, acknowledged etc analysed by workgroup, with pre-calculated performance percentages.

We have also designed a database for recording, managing and maintaining a collection of valuable items.

We can help your organisation in the same way. Once we have assessed your needs and devised the personalisation of standard software packages, or written the programmes you need, inexperienced users are able to input, update and retrieve data appropriate to their circumstances, and output meaningful personalised reports that make it easier to see what is happening, and where action is needed.

We are small and flexible, and happy to consider anything within our scope, not just the Microsoft Range of products.

So if you have a problem, don't let it gather dust, contact us, and begin the process that will transform your problem to an opportunity.

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