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Skills and Strengths
Consultants, like people everywhere, have different strengths and skills. For best results, you should try to match the sort of problem you want to solve to the skills and experience available from a particular consultant.

To aid in this process we are happy to put forward what we think are our strongest points.

One of the most fundamental strengths is the undertaking of a business process review: to re-establish clear management priorities and objectives; build staff commitment, and improve performance.

We are also strong in analytical skills. This is particularly relevant when developing strategies, and in organisational reviews involving objective setting and forward planning.

Using up to date technology for data analysis, and having experience of conducting many surveys, we are able to undertake consumer research cost effectively. This may be arranging "mystery customer" visits, customer satisfaction or needs surveys, or more complex research as a prelude to group consensus building.

Using research and case-building skills, we can identify facts and arguments and assemble information to support your case, and increase the prospects that your plans and proposals will be successful.

We have a thorough understanding and insight into the working of local authorities, and may be able to assist if you plan joint working or collaborative projects.

We also have skills in the arranging and organising of events.

Media and report writing skills are another strength. These range from writing effective press releases that generate low-cost promotion for your business to preparing a detailed case for funding support for your project.

We are also strong on technological skills, adapting technology to tourism needs, advising on the latest developments, and how they might benefit your business.

Managerial and training skills are also a forte, providing coaching for managers and supervisors at all levels.

Apart from the technical and interpersonal skills we offer, you might like to know about the values and ethics that are the core of the business. You can find out more about our business profile and philosophy from these links.

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