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Computer Basics.
Computers - The Absolute Basics
Understanding Windows 95/98
An Introduction to Wordprocessing
An Introduction to Spreadsheets
An Introduction to Databases
Desktop publishing

to top of page Computers - The Absolute Basics. (Basic Introduction)
Whilst young people are increasingly aware of the capability and operation of computers, their parents and grandparents may have had little experience. This training is for anyone who has not used a computer before and wants to get a grasp of what they are, what they can do, and how you make them do it.

At the end, we expect to have people competent to operate a computer via the keyboard and the mouse, to open and close programmes, and most importantly, to lose their fear of the technology.

to top of pageUnderstanding Windows 95/98 (Basic to Intermediate)
Moving deeper into the subject, but still at a fairly basic level, this training is suitable for those who have mastered the keyboard and mouse, and want to be able to understand a bit more about how the computer works and how to optimise its performance for their needs.

It covers "housekeeping" and maintenance tasks such as setting the date and time, and defragmenting the hard disc. It also covers "personalising" the look and feel of Windows 95/98, with screen resolutions, colour schemes, sounds, etc of your own choosing.

There is also a look at, and an introduction to the "innards" of the computer, essential for those who need to be able to fit accessories like extra hard discs, memory and expansion cards, and valuable background information for those who want to become more familiar with the capabilities available to them

to top of page An Introduction to Wordprocessing (Basic Introduction)
This training is suitable as an introduction to wordprocessing for those who have not previously used this skill, or as a breadth module for those using computers for other purposes, and wanting to broaden their skills base.

It requires trainees to have an understanding of how to use a keyboard and a mouse, and how to load programmes and open and close files, but otherwise no knowledge is assumed. (We would normally expect to use Microsoft Word as the base programme)

to top of pageAn Introduction to Spreadsheets (Basic Introduction)
As with wordprocessing, this introduction is a first step in what spreadsheets are, and what they can do. It assumes the same level of keyboard skills as for WP, and will allow trainees to make their own spreadsheets relevant to their work/interests. (We would normally expect to use Microsoft Excel as the base programme)

to top of pageAn Introduction to Databases (Basic Introduction)
Databases are the most complex of the three basic skills to learn, and this introduction will focus on the things that trainees should expect to achieve with a database programme. It works through examples of programmes from a basic card index to a relational database (Microsoft Access) and provides foundation training for the future.

to top of page Desktop publishing (Basic and Intermediate)
There are many different DTP programmes available, ranging from shareware to suites costing tens of thousands of pounds. If you need to do straightforward leaflets, brochures, flyers, posters, newsletters, etc the lower end programmes are quite adequate.

This training uses a simple DTP package as an example and introduction to the concepts of DTP.

There are two skills to learn. Firstly the technical operation of the programme and its capabilities, then the design skills that are used to build layouts appropriate to the subject matter.

People on this training need to be computer literate, perhaps familiar with a wordprocessor and ready to expand into a wider, more graphical field. The training synopsis is:

  • An Introduction to DTP
  • An Introduction to design
  • Types and purposes of publications
  • Style and consistency
  • Preparing content for use
  • Preparing a basic page
  • The Layout grid
  • Frames as placeholders
  • Headings and attention grabbers
  • Importing text and graphics
  • Programme controls and operation
  • Templates and masters

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