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The Mission
Our aim is to provide specialised computer and internet training for the staff of businesses and organisations. Training can be tailored to your specific needs, or you can choose from a set menu, with levels ranging from absolute first timers, through to intermediate and more advanced users. Through the Tourism Consultancy Division we also provide Masterclass Coaching in Tourism and Leisure Management

Overview of Training Services
When a new piece of equipment, or a new system or process is being introduced, staff training is a vital element that is often overlooked. As a consequence, the introduction can be at best hesitant, and at worst a failure.

Attitudes to training developed in an age when people were trained for lifelong careers, but this concept no longer applies. Today, people are expected to have several "careers" in a lifetime, and technology moves so fast that much of what is learned is obsolete in just a few years - so there is a huge need both to provide and to encourage continuous, lifelong training. It will be the norm in the future.

One of the greatest black holes is training for more mature employees. Companies spend ten times as much training young people as they do on over 45's, reinforcing the stereotyping that old dogs can't learn new tricks. This reduces staff motivation and erects in-house barriers to effective performance from the most experienced employees in the workforce.

We can provide training suitable for all ages, but we are especially happy to work with more mature people who want to realise their full potential. We will provide training locally in the workplace, (but away from interruption) making it less costly in staff traveling and time. We can provide pre-formatted training programmes, or we will work with you to design bespoke training programmes for individuals and small groups. We are also happy to match the dates and times of training to the needs of the business and trainees.

We can offer training in technology. This begins with general basic courses like Computers - The Absolute Basics and Understanding Windows 95/98. We also offer introductory training in wordprocessing,   spreadsheets, databases, and basic to intermediate training in desktop publishing

Our main technology training area is the Internet and the World Wide Web. Here we can provide introductory, intermediate and advanced training on subjects such as using email, or designing and creating your own web pages or a whole Website.

We can also provide training in simple graphic artwork leading to the creation of your own animated gif images for use on a Website, and training that will enable your Webmaster to manage, upload and maintain web pages onto your ISP's Webserver.

We provide introductory training for sound and music on the web, allowing the incorporation of yet another dimension to your Website, and finally, for those looking for a full multimedia experience, we are happy to provide training to intermediate level in photography, enabling the incorporation of original photographs as well.

Quite separate from our technology training, we will also undertake Management Masterclass Coaching in the management and administration of tourism, leisure and parks by arrangement.

At the moment we are not able to offer self-study distance learning over the web, but this will change in the near future.

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