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"You know it makes sense"

Why bother with training?
Why bother with the time and expense of training?

Well, in most organisations, employees are the greatest assets. They make the place what it is; they present your image to customers, interface with suppliers and govern your profitability by their effectiveness. But surveys have consistently shown that employee productivity is often just half what it could be.

There can be many reasons for this, but in our experience, the main ones are to do with motivation, communication and understanding, and keeping up to date.

Training can address all three.

By providing an opportunity to keep up to date and expand their knowledge, your employees can develop a greater understanding of how they can influence and contribute to the aims of the business. This leads to revitalisation of motivation where it was previously flagging.

So training should be seen not as a cost, but as an investment that will increase productivity and efficiency. This is especially so with training in technology.

Other advantages include expanding the skill range of in house staff so that outsourcing costs are reduced, and ensuring that you have the skills available when you need them.

Why choose us

  • Because we are small and flexible, so we can tailor training to match your needs.
  • Because we will provide training at the employee's premises, reducing your lost time and travelling costs.
  • Because we have experience, both of adapting to new skills such as the internet, and of providing both practical and theoretical training in other areas.
  • Because we are thorough.
  • Because we have an affinity with the needs and concerns of more mature employees
  • Because we have a range of off-the-shelf training and coaching, and can also work with you to design bespoke training specific to your needs
This link will tell you more details about our business philosophy.

Our charges are based on 160 per half day for providing training on the trainees premises. Generally, we prefer to do one or two half days per week to allow trainees time to absorb and practice the skills that they have acquired. We generally train up to five people at a time unless the workplace is equipped with dedicated training facilities for greater numbers.

Timescales tend to depend on the ability and aptitude of trainees, but the basic to intermediate courses should need between 1 and 6 half-day sessions.

Send an email with your ideas or problems, or call us to discuss your requirements and begin to improve your capability and productivity.

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