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Internet and Web Training Services
In ten years time, people who now do their own wordprocessing will be writing web pages and installing them on their own, or their employers Website. There are already over 300,000,000 pages on the Web, ranging from glossy multinational companies to individual personal homepages. They allow individuals and businesses to buy, sell, exchange information and build relationships. We offer a range of training from simple web page making to site construction and maintenance.

Webmastering - Writing your own pages
Website design and layout
Creating graphics for your Website
Animated graphics for your Website
Uploading and Maintaining your Website on the Internet
Music and Sound Editing for the Web
Photography for the Web

to top of page Webmastering - Writing your own pages
The World Wide Web is now part of everyday life for many people. Staying ahead of the field, those who learn web authoring skills early will enjoy both personal fulfillment, and advantage for their employer.

This training is suitable for everyone, from those who have not seen a Website before, through to competent writers who want to expand their skills to use "META" tags, CGI based forms, and other more advanced HTML facilities. The training is modular and can be mixed and matched to suit your needs. Utilising the whole set of modules will provide not only training for your staff, but  also the creation of a useable website that can be tailored as your own web presence. The overall synopsis is:

Basic Training

  • Introduction to the Internet
  • Introduction to the Web
  • Introduction to Web browsers
  • Introduction to email
  • Introduction to HTML Pages
  • Introduction to HTML code
  • The basic HTML tags (HTML, HEAD, TITLE)
  • Using text in HTML code
  • Making lists
  • Hypertext links on your Webpage
  • Using graphics on your Webpage
  • Making up a web page
Intermediate Training
  • Introducing and using tables
  • Introducing and managing colours
  • Basic image manipulation
  • Backgrounds
  • An introduction to animated graphics
  • Introduction to page layout
  • Intermediate email
Advanced topics
  • Meta tags
  • Using response forms
  • Using sound and music
  • Emailing lists
  • Introduction to dynamic HTML
  • Image maps
  • Uploading, site structure and maintenance
to top of page Website design and layout (Intermediate)
As users become more sophisticated, their expectations of your Website are increasing, so there is a need to ensure that your presence stands out from the herd.

One way to do this is to make sure that the site is well designed - aesthetically pleasing as well as practical and functional. We all know that good design is important, and helps to capture attention and create interest.

We offer this training to those who have mastered the basic writing of HTML code to generate web pages, but are ready to progress to more sophisticated layouts, using tables, shims and text as graphics. The training synopsis is:

  • Overall site design
  • Planning for expansion
  • Who is your customer?
  • Image and aura
  • Browser types and compatibility
  • Relative and absolute URLs
  • Style guidelines
  • Collapsible multibrowser pages
  • Layout with tables and shims
  • Using text as graphics
  • Creating simple original graphics
to top of page Creating graphics for your Website (Basic)
Original graphics give the ability to maintain continuity and help to attract attention to what you want to say. This training will begin with using and adapting existing public domain graphics, and lead through manipulation to original creation.

Whilst the processes can be shown, individuals with creative skills will be at a great advantage, so this training is most suitable for those who have an interest in, or some ability with the creative arts such as craft, photography, art, illustration and so on. The training synopsis is:

  • Why the web is different from other media
  • Graphic formats (gif, jpg, bmp, tiff, psd, wmf, and others)
  • Colour compatibility
  • Standard sizes, for icons, banners, and pages
  • An overview of image manipulation programmes
  • Using ready made graphics
  • Using photographs
  • Sizing, cropping and colouring
  • Modifying and editing
  • Backgrounds and watermarks
  • Making your own images.
to top of page Animated graphics for your Website (Basic)
It is easier than you might think to produce simple animations that really grab attention. The key thing to remember is that less is often more. Filling a page with moving images might suit a hyperactive nine year old, but will alienate the greater proportion of your viewers. Once you have the ability to modify and make simple graphics, you can progress to assembling slightly different variations of the image to give the impression of movement or change. This training is intended as a follow on to those who are competent at basic image manipulation, and will use gif files as the basis of the animation

to top of page Uploading and Maintaining your Website on the Internet (Intermediate)
Making the pages and using them on your own computer is one thing, but to share them with the rest of the world you need to upload them onto your webserver. To do this you need to have a directory structure in place that is compatible with the files on your hard disc.

You can (and probably will) spend ages changing incompatible filenames to make it work unless you get it right from the start. This training will help to avoid time wasted through poor design, and is suitable for those who will be responsible for administering and maintaining a Website. The training synopsis is:

  • Directory structure
  • Relative and absolute filenames
  • Site structure conventions
  • Uploading ASCII files
  • Uploading binary files
  • Troubleshooting
  • Access logs
to top of page Music and Sound Editing for the Web (Basic)
The training synopsis is:
  • An introduction to sound on the web
  • Browser compatibility
  • Filetypes MIDI and WAV
  • Introduction to recording and editing wav files
  • Introduction to using MIDI files.
  • Some programmes for sound and music manipulation
to top of page Photography for the Web (Basic to Intermediate)
The training synopsis is:
  • The camera, Types and controls
  • Lenses types and uses
  • Aperture, Depth of field and focal length
  • Composition and perspective
  • Film types speeds and processing
  • Light and colour
  • Close up & macro work
  • Digital imaging and scanning.

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